Is iOS beginning to feel a bit stale for your taste? It’s something I’m hearing an increasing number of as I speak with iOS individuals, or former iOS users. With some impressive Android phones hitting the market, it’s challenging not to obtain caught checking out the competitors– and even feeling a bit obliged to make the jump to Android. However before you make the change, there are some kinks that have to be exercised to make the procedure go as efficiently as possible. You likely have contacts, a calendar, pictures, and music that you’ll wish to bring over to your brand-new Android gadget. A few of these are going to be pretty simple to achieve transferred, while others are going to take some work. So take a seat in front of your computer, ideally with both devices, and let’s get started.


This tutorial focuses on moving songs from an iPhone to an Android gadget utilizing an iPhone to Android transfer tool – MobileTrans, with this easy-to-use software, you can transfer music from iPhone to Android with ease, no issue whether you have backed up songs to PC or not. Additionally, if you have playlists in your iPhone, they will be copied at the exact same time.


1. Install and run this iPhone to Android transfer tool

Connect your iPhone and Android phone to computer system at same time (with USB cable).
Now, you ought to link both your phones to computer system with USB cables. When they are linked, the Phone Transfer will detect iPhone as the location of “Source” while Android phone is “Destination”.

android to iphone


You can click the “Flip” button between the two phones to change the locations of the phones.
Use “Clear data before copy” if you desire to clear the destination phone before transfer.

android to iphone 1
2. Migrate tracks from iPhone to Android.

Note: Please keep both your phones hooked up to the software during transferring.



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