The Android operating system provides a powerful and sophisticated experience which provides more user control than Apple products, but moving from iPhone to Android is often a difficult probability for many. The following is the easiest and the most effective method to finish the contacts transfer from iPhone to Android.

To transfer contacts from iPhone to Android device, we need a phone to phone transfer, which can assist you transfer contacts, messages, images, songs between two mobiles, here we highly recommend – MobileTrans. Go and follow the below guide.


Step 1. Run the MobileTrans on your Computer

After downloading and installing the software, run it. And then the main window will be found on your pc screen.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone and Android Phone with PC

Now, use USB cables to connect your two device with pc. This Phone to Phone transfer will detect the 2 devices immediately. Then as you can see, iPhone is displaced in the left of the primary window, while your Android Phone in the right.

At the end of right side, there is a tab “Clear data before copy”. By ticking off it, it is easy to clear all current contacts on the Android phone. If you don’t want, let it alone.

Note: Click on “Flip” once you want to transfer contacts from Android device to iPhone.

Step 3. Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android Phone

the last, you must check the content-“Contacts”. And then click the green “Start Copy” tab. This program starts to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android automatically. In this transferring progress, you should not disconnect either of the phones.

Notice: You can also transfer the pics, audio, SMS, . . . together with contacts if you want.



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