The phones and iPhone are with 2 different os, when you decided to have both the 2 cellphones, one of the first important jobs you’ll have to do is copy private information like your contacts from one cellphone to the other. But how you can do the transfer in a quick way?

Here I wish to advise you the Phone Transfer, With its help, you can transfer the contacts between the iPhone and the device in a matter of minutes . Moreover, Phone Transfer likewise enables you to transfer multiple data, particularly contacts, SMS, call logs, pictures, music, videos and apps form one Android phone to another one, which only needs you to click one time in the whole procedure.

Simply click the below key to have a free version of the program.


Step 1: Download and Run the Phone Transfer Program.

To start with, install the program on the computer. Launch it and you get a window like the one shown as below. Go to “Phone to phone” mode and press “Start”.

android to iphone

Step 2: Connect the two phones to the pc.

Connect your 2 phones to the pc by USB cables. When detected successfully, your devices will be displayed in the window. ( Make certain the “Source” list HTC cellphone, and “Destination” list iPhone, if they are in the wrong place, click “Filp”.).

To remove the useless files on your iPhone to make room for the information from the HTC phone, you can tick “Clear data before copy”.

android to iphone 1

Step 3: Start to Copy Contacts from HTC to iPhone.

To transfer contacts, simply select the “Contacts”, then click “Start Copy” to begin the transfer process.



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