For those who visit Android File Transfer review website, you will discover lots of people are complaining this software dose not work after iOS 4.0.4 update. What’s more severe is lots of people lost their data through the transfer process. Yes, Android File Transfer is suck.

Are you looking for a better software to take place of the Android File Transfer? If your answer is yes, you are getting the right place. This tutorila will introduce a perfect Android File Transfer Alternative – MobileGo for Android (Mac).

download mac version download win version

Simple guide of the program


1. Move songs, films or photos from Android tablet or phone to Mac

Just click “Music”, “Videos” or “Photos” on the left catalogue, simply select music or videos you need to transfer to your Mac computer, then press “Export” tab to transfer all the data to Mac computer. For audio, you may also transfer to iTunes library directly.


2. Move Text messages from Android mobile phone to Mac computer

Hit “SMS” in the left catalogue, hit “Save As” and then set a destination folder to store the Text messages as files in .txt format on your Mac pc.

Ideas: It is easy to send messages through Mac with the application, mark your massages as Read, Delete, Forwarding, Search, . . ..


3. Transfer contacts from Android phone or tablet to Mac

Click on “Contacts” in the left catalogue, you will see the contacts list, choose all or some of the contacts, now click on “Export” button, this program will begin to transfer the contacts to Mac computer.

Ideas: You could edit and add contacts on your Mac computer, and import contacts from Mac to your Android device.


4. Install and uninstall your Apps

To install apps from your pc, click the “Install” icon and select the APK files from your pc or memory to install the apps either on your SD card or phone storage.

To uninstall apps, choose the apps you plan to uninstall and press the “Uninstall” tab at the menu bar. Then select “Yes” on the pop-up window to delete the apps from the Android device.



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