Now, to be on the safe side, most smartphones are configured with a password protection function. However, if lose the wrong password lock lock 45 years, you will want to use this feature? On October 25, have Chinese travelers will pick up a white iPhone 6 shipped to wenzhou road long-distance station staff. Staff found […]

Recently iOS push the latest update, the version number for iOS 8.4.1, this version of the updated content is relatively simple, only for Apple Music was improved and the problem to repair. Of fine items we still can find this on Apple Music function of repair and improvement is very much, but due to regional […]

Recent media reports, Sony will launch a model for E5503 xinji, should is the Xperia T4 Ultra. Sony this new handsets E5503 carry a 5.5 -inch 1080 p display screen, carrying mediatek MT6752 eight processors, with 2 GB of RAM memory, run Android 5.0 system, support double card double stay. According to parameters before and […]

Before there were rumours, samsung will launch a before the Dragon Boat Festival entry-level tablet, and now, samsung has confirmed the rumours. Samsung announced the new flat the Tab E some related information, and says it is sold in Taiwan. As an entry-level tablets, the Galaxy Tab E configuration was only fair. With a 1.3 […]

According to foreign media reports Sammobile Samsung Note 4 latest series will start from the beginning of June to gradually push Android Lollipop 5.1.1. The move also allows Note 4 to become one hundredth models 5.1.1 update, though not a particularly important update, but still 5.1.1 fixes some vulnerabilities, and improved performance, better than nothing […]

I believe many of my friends for Huawei Hass unicorn processor is no stranger to P8 on the latest release of Huawei Hass unicorn 935 equipped with a powerful performance, but in the GPU does not seem satisfactory. Now a new generation of Hass exposure unicorn 950 alleged performance dramatically. According to some media reported […]

The U.S. patent and trademark office, according to a patent recently disclosed their new ideas can be achieved in a relatively small shape or size to accommodate a larger screen. Microsoft believes that the flexible screen when subjected to mechanical stress its electronic components will eventually be damaged, so their solution is called a passive, […]