Recently, the BBS NeoGAF and Twitter users at the same time broke the configuration and price of Sony PS Neo. From the point of exposure information, Sony actually have two for PS Neo hardware scheme, the first for the existing version upgrades, using enhanced Jaugar architecture processor, floating point performance improvements to TF, 4.2 price […]

Microsoft announced on Thursday, will acquire news and chat robot startup Wand Labs. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. In the official blog, Microsoft corporate vice President David Ku, said the deal “accelerated us about ‘dialogue platform namely’ vision and strategy”. Microsoft CEOSatya Nadella in March 2016 the Build developers conference announced the strategy. […]

9th of this month, Lenovo will release a new generation flagship phone Moto Z substituted before the Moto X, Moto Z before the real machine photos has been exposed. According to the exposure picture, Moto Z camera module is very eye-catching, using 16000000 megapixel camera support. Mosaic partly Moto Logo in the middle. The machine […]

Google Chromecast for users can be said to be a good TV accessories, and cheap price, beautiful shape and convenient installation at the time to let it become the choice of the function of many consumers to expand TV. But if you don’t like or still feel Chromecast some trouble also need not worry about […]

Apple patents will not necessarily into future products, but it is the people “imagine” apple an interesting way of future products. Apple was awarded a today “with the protection cover of flexible display accessories” patent, it describes a futuristic the protection cover, display “around the” folding panels. Display screen can display all kinds of notice […]

Although have long known that Sony Xperia issued following a period of time will be C6 will be the mobile phone is made of super narrow bezel design, but when its spy really exposure, still can let a person can’t help but admire really is narrow. Sony Xperia C6 extremely narrow margin, the upper and […]

If you are a fan of iron man, then the special edition published in France for the Microsoft Xbox One must be very interested in. In the Microsoft Xbox joined the iron man on One power source of the nuclear reactor power core, have a cool light when switched on. In addition the Xbox One […]

According to foreign media reports, the HTC iOS users interested in Vive in also need not envy the android users. HTC company is adapted for the iPhone launch equipment iOS software, after the completion of the development will be on the App Store. This for HTC Vive mining software can help user to more HTC […]

Pico race garden in Beijing held the first VR launch in 2016, issued the first global Snapdragon 820 VR all-in-one Pico Neo developer version. On the same day also released the PUI, external position tracking suite, Pico industry application solutions, and the latest version of the Pico SDK. Pico Neo developer edition have orange and […]

Although USB Type – C has become the new standard, but inferior or do not conform to the standard cable could ruin your equipment, do not believe that you can come to ask a few Google engineers, in testing their a this Pixel 2 is an unqualified USB Type – C damaged cable. But now, […]