According to reports, ZTE released a Nubian Z9 earlier this year, after months of Axon cat was listed. Recently, the ZTE released the Axon cat was the Mini version of the NBA.

ZTE AXON cat MINI if NBA moderators into a large number of elements in the NBA, such as the NBA LOGO on the back of the fuselage and own the NBA wallpaper, and specially designed for the Chinese market of the NBA, allows users to understand the latest development in the NBA at any time. ZTE not only introduced a, but 7 kinds of different styles, including six different basketball team logo on the back of phone, including the warriors, rockets, Nick, the lakers and bulls and the cavaliers, another is the NBA’s logo.

The performance of new products is the same as the original Axon Mini, 5.2 -inch 1080 p display, 3 gb memory, 16 gb of memory (SD card can be expanded memory 128 gb). Qualcomm Snapdragon carrying 616 eight 64 – bit processors and 2800 mah battery. And retinal scanners and 2.5 D curved glass. For metal fuselage, front-facing camera is 8 million pixels, the rear camera to 13 million pixels. Between the camera and flash for fingerprint scanners. Awakens the keys at the right side of mobile phone screen, the volume button in the mobile phone on the left.

New phones will go on sale in China, jingdong mall and tencent are ordering, pre-sale price of 2399 yuan, pre-sale customers will not only can be directly obtained three NBA surprise, at the same time have a chance to win the NBA games, tickets, very suitable for the fans to buy.

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