Pico race garden in Beijing held the first VR launch in 2016, issued the first global Snapdragon 820 VR all-in-one Pico Neo developer version. On the same day also released the PUI, external position tracking suite, Pico industry application solutions, and the latest version of the Pico SDK.

Pico Neo developer edition have orange and black two colors, can achieve less than 20 milliseconds of delay time, greatly reduce the vertigo. Carry the qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip, 4 gb of memory, the 32 gb flash memory and the expansion of the maximum 128 g space, support dual-band WIFI, bluetooth 4.1 high-speed transmission, 2 k 90 hz AMOLED screen, 102 ° view Angle; Adopts the split type design, consists of two parts, the helmet and handle, the weight of 300 grams, the CPU, battery, motherboard and other components are placed in the handle, can let the head weight lighter at the same time, also solved the problem of the head weight and fever, compatible with PC VR applications at the same time. Neo comprehensive application of Dive full immersion system, including the Dive Sound 3 d audio systems, and Dive Sense vibrations feedback system.

Location tracking suite includes two special tracking controller, two tracking camera, a track ball, can through the sucker on the helmet, and one for the fixed camera, and can be used to recharge the base of the equipment. For Pico Neo hand based gesture recognition and motion capture, the more accurate spatial orientation ability, based on the position tracking suite, the future can provide Room for Neo – Scale level of interaction.

PUI has carried on the depth development based on the Android 6.0, using the new VR interaction design language, and, in collaboration with sogou input method to jointly develop VR input method, also compatible with 3 d games and applications, and will sync starting many VR games at home, the future will also support online browsing the 360 – degree panoramic images and virtual roaming.

Pico online store is now include hundreds of hours of hours of video, more than 300 native 3 d movie and panoramic video, built-in TV media content, later will jointly iQIYI, built in VR video App in the PUI. Pico APP launched more than 200 games, is expected to more than joint top game company, for the Pico Neo bring more game.

Pico Neo developer edition, standard edition, only including Lite version for helmets, 1899 yuan. Pico Neo developer version of the standard version, including a helmet and handle, standard cost is 3399 yuan.

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