NVIDIA has just announced a new version 3 gb memory GTX 1060 graphics, and general 6 gb version of the GTX 1080, although it seems only the latter half of the memory, but doesn’t seem like we imagine.

Although 3 gb version is only 6 gb version of GDDR5 memory, but the number of GPU graphics is also decreased accordingly. Compared with 6 gb version is equipped with 1280 core CUDA, 3 gb version of the core number down to 1152, and tmus too fell to 80 from 72. TFLOPS floating point arithmetic performance from 4.4 to 4.4, NVIDIA said overall performance by only about 10%.

Other features, 3 gb version of the GTX 1060 are consistent with the 6 gb version, including the basic frequency of 1506 MHZ and 1708 MHZ highest standard product, 8 192 GBPS memory speed and memory bus width, and even the power of 120 w is the same.

It is reported, 3 gb version of the GTX 1060 sells for $199, 6 gb standard version of the GTX 1060 cheaper than the $50. Looks like in order to compete with AMD RX480, NVIDIA is also introduced a variety of configuration product to deal with.

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