Recently, the BBS NeoGAF and Twitter users at the same time broke the configuration and price of Sony PS Neo.

From the point of exposure information, Sony actually have two for PS Neo hardware scheme, the first for the existing version upgrades, using enhanced Jaugar architecture processor, floating point performance improvements to TF, 4.2 price to maintain the same $399.

The second solution is a new host, the using floating point performance up to 5.5 TF of a new generation of CPU, price is also higher, at $499.

Reference after exposure of the Xbox Scorpio will carry floating point performance of TF 6.0 processor and a $500 price, if Sony will PS Neo positioning on the next generation of the host, so are bound to choose the second.

Our source also said at the same time, PS Neo project the direct link with the Xbox Scorpio is not much, the hardware scheme of two kinds of PS Neo tests already exist.

According to the previous Sony implied information, PS Neo is expected to be at the Tokyo game show in September this year, then listed on Christmas Eve, before that Sony will also take the lead in mid-october to launch PS VR virtual reality devices.

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