Want to reveal their own local tyrants electronically ecru? In addition to the Apple Watch Edition, you now have one more choice. Sony has unveiled a gilded version of the Walkman music player, priced at $3200.

As Sony music player without a series of high-end models, the gilded version of the Walkman on its own hardware adjustment, in order to avoid could affect the quality of small disturbance. It is important to note that it’s sound quality ascension can be very small, and only reflected through high-end headphones. But for the pursuit of the limits of enthusiasts, it still has a big attraction.

The Walkman has adopted copper fuselage, surface coated with a layer of gold, its purpose is to reduce the contact resistance and electromagnetic interference. Inside the fuselage, it’s also main digital circuit and analog circuit isolation, to further reduce the noise. In addition, it also has a “built-in low phase-noise quartz crystal oscillator double clock circuit”, in theory can bring quality improvement.

Compared to last year’s published models, this Walkman in design changes are very small. It is moved to the top, the headphone jack of the fuselage side the height of the physical keys also got a certain degree of rise.

It is reported, gilded version of the Walkman will be listed at the beginning of next year and $3199.99. At the same time, another have the same changes to the standard model, but there is no gold plating coating and high-end circuit technology, will replace 2015 Walkman, price is $1199.99.

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