Had been rumoured Samsung GALAXY S7 released ahead of time, and now have a specific release date. SamMobie disclosure by according to the website of the news that Samsung will be officially launched in February 21, the GALAXY S7, and synchronous leaked posters show will still be in conference held in Barcelona, so this also means that new Samsung flagship will officially debut in a week or so before the MWC conference next year.

samsung GALAXY S7

Samsung GALAXY S7 early news from or will be released in advance, but from the various specific launch time, from the initial launch in January next year, then south Korean media disclosure of February, the new flagship exactly when to release is debated. And now, according to foreign websites SamMobile quoted unnamed sources revealed that, the Samsung GALAXY S7 will launch on February 21, than this year’s GALAXY S6 about eight days in advance.

At the same time, from the perspective of the posters of exposure of suspected Samsung conference, the machine still choose released from Barcelona, Spain, this also is the annual communication event MWC site of the mobile world congress. Therefore, if the timing of the launch to be verified, so means that Samsung still will continue its own release cycles, the non congress before the launch of a new generation of flagship model GALAXY S7, is different from the past to change one day in advance for a week or so in advance, not to deliberately change the release date.

It is worth mentioning that SamMobile sources also said in the past to Samsung, new Revelations has always been more accurate, so the release date should be more pity. And the site also said in a previously disclosed, Samsung has set out to develop the GALAXY S7 system firmware, compared to last year’s GALAXY S6 around for at least one month in advance.

In addition, according to the SamMobile disclosure, according to the Samsung GALAXY S7 system firmware is divided into two versions, respectively is G930FXXU0AOK6 and G935FXXU0AOK6, so combining the GALAXY S6 and S6 edge model respectively for SM – G920 and SM – G925 , so basically can determine the GALAXY S7 will also have a common screen and curved surface screen launched two versions, known as the GALAXY S7 and S7 edge.

In the determination of the release date at the same time, Samsung for the GALAXY S7 hardware work also has entered the production stage. According to south Korean media reported that etnews code of jungfrau Exynos8890 processor has passed the quality test, and begin to enter mass production, will support snapdragons 820 processors of the same LTE with the 12 technology, can provide up to 600 MBPS download speed. At the same time, south Korean media pa hankooki also reported that Samsung has identified the GALAXY S7 used by the processor allocation proportion, that is their Exynos 8890 and qualcomm snapdragons 820.

And according to the rumors, the Samsung GALAXY S7 version for the China and the United States market will launch snapdragons 820 processor, and may also carry 4 k resolution display for the first time, will also join ClearForce pressure touch technology, and carry the Hi – Fi giant ESS of top 9018 aq2m SABRE. In addition, the Samsung GALAXY S7 rumors will improve the fingerprint identification technology, and support the USB Type – C interface, but there are a number of statements in camera specification, latest news allegedly will load 20000000 megapixel camera, and can output RAW format images.

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