Well-known fact people Evan Blass (evleaks) revealed that on Twitter, HTC will be in the fourth quarter of this year to launch a new code for HTC Aero. And according to Upleaks offering Chinese android, the Aero product it was a while ago HTC shareholder meeting, ms wang’s mouth to be launched in the second half of the year “HTC Hero”.


Aero codename, let a person can’t help but think of the Windows 7 Aero effects. Aero intended for “flight, aviation,” surely this product will have a powerful and unconstrained style of imagination.

The HTC’s new flagship phone will use new design, abandon used for 3 years HTC One family pedigree. HTC is in troubled times, HTC M9 sales of less than HTC M8, delivery orders were forced to cut off again and again, for the fourth straight quarter of a small profit is to a huge losses. Fortunately, HTC hands are still have $1.7 billion in cash, can improve operating space is still large.

As for the HTC Aero configuration information, is still uncertain. However, considering the HTC already have access to 2K screen, the fourth quarter is almost the Snapdragon 820 listed, it is estimated that the new machine will spend two configurations.

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