Samsung’s flagship model Galaxy Note 5 in the second paragraph has officially debut in September, and under a flagship model is the Galaxy S7 next year. While due to fever problems samsung Galaxy S6 and abandoned the snapdragons 810 on Note 5, but according to media reports, after solving the problem of heat, samsung next year plans to use the next generation of snapdragon 820 processor on the Galaxy S7. As a flagship qualcomm 2016 processor, snapdragon 820 will also support the latest Cat. 12 network, at the same time, it also means that the Galaxy S7 or will become the first support the Cat. 12 network of smart phones.

But samsung on the flagship models generally use dual processor version, so presumably Samsung 8890 will carry its own processor Exynos support the baseband Cat. 12 networks. And besides snapdragon 820 and Exynos 8890, there are rumors that the Galaxy S7 from ESS Technology will also be equipped with A 32-bit stereo D/A converter, camera aspects will choose 16 million or 20 million pixels ISOCELL sensors, or use A piece of 12 million pixels but more widespread sensors. And in terms of appearance, the Galaxy S7 will use magnesium alloy fuselage.

In addition, south Korean media also said that one unnamed samsung insiders said the Galaxy S7 will debut in February, and previously reported in the Galaxy S7 release date for January. Of course, it is possible that the Galaxy S7 will indeed be released in January, but officially on sale until February.

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