Google Chromecast for users can be said to be a good TV accessories, and cheap price, beautiful shape and convenient installation at the time to let it become the choice of the function of many consumers to expand TV. But if you don’t like or still feel Chromecast some trouble also need not worry about it, according to the latest reports, home appliance manufacturers of philips recently said it will launch the native integration of Google Cast new TV product.

Philips said the new TV will be listed in June of this year, will belong to philips’s 6000 series super clear series, not only support 4 k resolution, and the price is expected to also will be more populist, it is good news for consumers to philips said native support for Google Cast TV will have 43 inches, 49 inches and 55 inches and 65 inches four models, will start at only $650, considering its function and price, philips, the comparison of conscience, so to speak. Philips, of course, is not the only will support Google Cast TV manufacturers.

Shortly before the polaroid also launched a support Google Cast 4 k TV screen size is 43 inches, costs a mere $499, so from now, maybe this summer is a good time to buy TV.

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