According to foreign media reports, the MIT media lab have developed a LineFORM shape-shifting robot prototypes. LineFORM is a snake-like robot, many shapes can be formed, at the same time have the flexibility and rigidity. The lab said it would open up the possibility of “display and interaction”.

LineFORM in the demo video, can be turned into a desk lamp, a mechanical parts of the body can be turned into the switch. There is also a function is a USB cable as current oscillation in the transmission. Its creators think that we can imagine a robot into mobile devices, with a core structure such as displays, microphone and speakers. After receiving the phone, the robot can become telephone shape. End of the phone can shrink into a minimum size.

Of course for all the demo, the viewer must have extraordinary imagination. The concept of this product is only a prototype, but may one day be developed into useful products. MIT media lab, ishii, wong, said professor, “we hope this work will inspire others to further explore in this field.”

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