Moto Z series had spread has a low version of the forthcoming, mobile phones, code-named “Vertex”, the official name is Moto Z Play. Now, from India, according to the latest information by the import and export logistics website Zauba the Motorola phone have arrived in India, and confirm that will be equipped with a 5.5 -inch touch screen, likely is expected to officially debut in August this year.

From the India import and export logistics website Zauba, according to the latest information, code-named “Vertex” Motorola phone have arrived in India, and are equipped with a 5.5 -inch touch screen, but designed for single SIM card. Despite the machine more information disclosure has not been, according to previous HellomotoHK disclosure, Moto Z will have low release, codenamed “Vertex” as for the official name is the Moto Z Play, rumors will match Snapdragon 625 processor, also supports modular parts.

As to the main configuration of Moto Z Play, from the fact a great god @ evleaks love previously disclosed information, the machine on the hardware specifications than Moto Z series of other two models slightly lower. Alleged with 5.5 -inch AMOLED touch screen resolution will drop to 1080 p, but it is the Snapdragon 820 changed to the processor Snapdragon 625, with 2 gb / 3 gb of RAM + 16 gb / 32 gb ROM storage combination, carry 16 million pixel camera, support functions of the laser focus.

In addition, recently appeared in the famous running points website Geekbench MOTOROLA in the database, new XT1635-01 is considered Moto Z Play mobile phone models, and it’s also true that carries Snapdragon 625 (MSM8953) processor, with 3 gb of memory and carrying Android 6.0.1 system, as for single-core and multi-core grades 884 and 4464, respectively, better than carrying Samsung Galaxy C7 with processors.

Moto Z Play also rumors have 7 mm thickness of the fuselage, and will also be increased to 3500 mah battery capacity. Moto Z Play exactly when to release time, however, there is no exact message, but according to the sources disclosed, said MOTOROLA could hold product launch in August, launched a Moto Z Play, etc.

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