Now, to be on the safe side, most smartphones are configured with a password protection function. However, if lose the wrong password lock lock 45 years, you will want to use this feature?

On October 25, have Chinese travelers will pick up a white iPhone 6 shipped to wenzhou road long-distance station staff. Staff found that the phone because many lose the wrong password was locked, and lock time is not short, because the mobile phone screen, to more than 2200 minutes before trying again. That is to say, even if they know the correct phone password, also had to wait 45 years to input.

In fact, this kind of thing is not the first time happened. Back in November, there is a net friend tweeting fact, according to their own iPhone because of continuous lose the wrong password 5 times and be locked, prompted after 23614974 minutes (close to 45 years), please input again. That is to say, nearly half a century, the phone can only is a piece of brick.

We have learned, not only the iPhone, in fact, including the device, such as the iPod Touch, all apple mobile devices, some need to wait for longer time even more than 45 years. The personage inside course of study says, this should be a system BUG, but apple has never given any explanation.

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