Recently iOS push the latest update, the version number for iOS 8.4.1, this version of the updated content is relatively simple, only for Apple Music was improved and the problem to repair. Of fine items we still can find this on Apple Music function of repair and improvement is very much, but due to regional issues, in fact, Chinese users in the use of this service is not a lot of opportunities and space, so the user can update as appropriate.

Modify specific content as follows:
1. Solve the cause up to music database wouldn’t open.
2. Solve the Apple Music is set to show only the offline Music to have add Music hidden problems.
3. Offering a playlist optional, ways to add songs to the new playlist.
4. Solve the album of the same in other equipment makers may show different illustrations of the problem.
5. Solve the artist content of some problems in the Connect.
6. Repair the listen to the Beats 1, please click “like” icon has no reaction.

Now can upgrade, through wireless or mobile phones connect to iTunes to update the system.

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