Intel at CES show a 3D sensing camera equipped smartphones. It can identify objects, detecting movements and gestures. Intel’s new smartphone is a reference device, oriented to explore new USES 3D camera in the cell phone users are interested in.

It is reported, this kind of mobile phone use 6 inches 2560 x 1440 resolution display, carrying atom x7 – Z8700 processor, built-in 64 gb of storage space, before and after the camera is respectively 2 million and 8 million pixels, run Android operating system, bluetooth, WiFi connection, has a HDMI interface, priced at $399. In addition, the phone can also cooperate with virtual reality helmet use, support for Google Project Tango and Intel are software development kit.

It is important to note that this phone is only a reference device, is not practical for everyday life, but more for shooting 3D sensing camera photo, take and test. The machine has RealSense ZR300 depth camera, he could take 10 million points per second, can identify objects, detecting movements and gestures. And integrated in the PC and tablet compared feelings camera, mobile size smaller, more advanced. 3D camera that determine body size, shape and outline, and identification of the objects in real life, and guide to the virtual world. Gestures and movements control function allows a user to grip or manipulate objects in the virtual world, which helps to improve the interactive 3D virtual reality game.

This smart phone users can now reserved, but Intel does not disclose launch time. It is only in the U.S. market.

Intel also plans to develop to recognize emotions 3D camera. For example, by analyzing facial expressions, tablet computer 3D camera can determine the user’s attitude to read content is happy, sad or hate. The need to recognize faces sensing camera, analysis the shape of the lips, eyes and other organs.

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