London Old Bilingsgate, Huawei here held a grand press conference, the protagonist of this nature is Huawei’s first flagship phone – Huawei P8.


The appearance is still the main process design Huawei P8 this upgrade directly from double glass version is fully integrated metal body, very good sense of design, and full sincerity. Also Huawei P8 with 13 million pixels Optical Image Stabilizer lens, image stabilization angle can reach 120 degrees, 0.6 higher than the mainstream. Huawei P8 equipped with a 5.2 inches full HD screen, the processor is the use of a unicorn 935 eight-core processor, running memory to 3GB. 6.4mm body thickness, supports dual SIM dual standby, 4G network (some areas) three shark gill design, to bring greater reliability and airframe anti capability.

The biggest highlight of the hardware is equipped with a four-color RGBW Sony IMX278 sensor lens module. As we all know, the human eye can be a combination of visible light through the RGB (red, green and blue) are arranged in different ways. The RGBW is based on three primary colors red, green and blue, adding a white sub-pixel on each photosensitive pixels.


Huawei P8 high points with the standard dual version, priced at 599 euros worldwide and 499 euros, the standard version of the body storage of 16GB and only a single SIM card slot; and high version P8 is stored in the body and has a 64GB dual card dual standby. May will be on sale in more than 30 countries and regions, the follow-up will be listed in other markets.

This time will be the end of that conference, Huawei also for us to throw a bomb: P8 Max. As its name suggests, P8 Max and P8 biggest difference lies in the large, reaching 6.8 inches in-cell fit full screen HD JDI, is by far the world’s largest in-cell full HD screen. 16: 9 screen ratio makes P8max narrower fuselage, better grip and also easy to carry. P8max supports landscape mode, you can be more free to watch and read the contents of the lateral, and color enhancement technology will allow better viewing experience. With a large 4360mAh battery, but still maintained a slim 6.8mm, in the limited space did largest battery capacity. In addition, power-saving technology combined with Huawei and power control technology, P8max continuous 13 hours online viewing, 10 hours surfing the Internet, to meet the long journey of entertainment. According to Huawei official said, the normal use of the words P8 Max can reach 2.26 days of life standards.

P8max front camera uses a combination of 500 + 13 million pixels, SLR-class post-processing chip ISP (Image Processor) with 13 million optical image stabilization camera, so that the effect is more outstanding night shoot. P8max optical image stabilization technology to reduce the exposure time at 2-3 shutter, you can get a clearer, brighter pictures under the same conditions. In addition, the flash color temperature reduction in low-light conditions, color photos, make color more bright vivid pictures.IMG_0930

Huawei P8max high points with the standard dual version, priced at 549 euros worldwide and 649 euros, the first will be on sale in more than 30 countries and regions, the follow-up will be listed in other markets.

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