According to foreign media reports, the HTC iOS users interested in Vive in also need not envy the android users. HTC company is adapted for the iPhone launch equipment iOS software, after the completion of the development will be on the App Store.

This for HTC Vive mining software can help user to more HTC Vive interesting functions, such as via email, answer the call and the wearing calendar reminder functions. These features can help users even in the virtual world can better and more comfortable life. With the release of the HTC this month Vive, android users have experienced these functions. As HTC VR flagship product, when they don’t consider the feelings of iOS users, so will only intensify development adaptation in iOS applications.

Of course, the iOS version of the application and the android version is not exactly the same. Such as in the iOS version of the application will add function notebook, what these android version does not have, in the later software update zhong an android version of the application will also join this feature.

The HTC Vive suits priced at $800, it is unique in support of users in VR indoor mobile experience, let immersive experience more authentic. HTC Vive suit products include an adjustable in the helmet, two wireless controller (equipped with HD tactile feedback system) and 360 ° omni-directional motion tracking.

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