Ubergizmo website reported that Samsung in the past issued several “mini” version of its flagship smartphone, they basically use the same as the flagship model design language, such as the Galaxy S5, but USES the mid-range aircraft configuration. Many users have been waiting for Samsung to release the Galaxy S6 Mini, but Samsung has not issued so far this product. Now, the Galaxy S6 Mini appeared a e-commerce sites, the fire will issue this kind of mobile phone users to Samsung’s wish.

The united Arab emirates (uae) electricity LetsTango Galaxy S6 Mini column on its web site, information also reveals the part of the configuration of the phone. To configure the clock frequency of 1.8 GHz six core chip, 2GB memory, 16GB of memory, 4.6 -inch Super AMOLED screen fuselage.

Ubergizmo said LetsTango leaked information also shows that the Galaxy S6 Mini configuration 15 million pixels rear camera, 5 million pixels front-facing camera, and don’t remove the battery, but did not disclose the battery capacity. In addition, it is understood that the Galaxy S6 Mini pre-loaded with Android 5.1 Lollipop, equipped with fingerprint sensor.

LetsTango information according to the Galaxy S6 Mini is not yet available, but are interested in purchasing a user can submit the E-mail address, the Galaxy S6 Mini users will be informed LetsTango when available.

Ubergizmo said that Samsung would neither confirm nor deny the Galaxy S6 Mini. Given the Galaxy S7 will be released within 3 months, once the Galaxy S7 release will be a Galaxy of S7 Mini attention, so Samsung now release the Galaxy S6 Mini might be a bit late.

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