Recently, famous audio equipment manufacturer Bowers&Wlikins released its new P9 Signature headphones, will be officially launched at the end of this month, for $900.

Image result for B&W P9 Signature

As a high-end headphones that cost up to $900, P9 Signature configuration nature is not poor, 40 mm special piston diaphragm speakers, all aluminum headset fuselage, multilayer memory foam, headphones outside enclosure with Italian leather material. In addition B&W for P9 Signature provides a special protective box, after all P9 Signature cost up to $900, still need to do a good job of protection.

P9 Signature provides 3.5 mm interface versions and Lighting interface version, but is unfortunately Lighting interface version of P9 Signature to officially listed until next year, and 3.5 mm interface version will earlier time to market, October 17, would have started selling.

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