Apple this week and have a new patent through the application, the patent by using the “vision detection technology, can be used as a means of control of the user interface, including automatic correction pop-up window and application etc.

The U.S. patent and trademark office has just approved the patent, patent number as the No. 9189064, the patent is called “based on user eye screen delay” events, the patent describes a UI input method, eye-tracking technology management to remind the expiration date of the notice. For example when the iOS or OS X identify spelling mistakes, through automatic correction algorithm generates a screen time, and provides the system think is the right word. The user can be done by clicking on the system to provide the word choice. However, if the user enters another window, looking at the keyboard or ignore automatic correction to remind. Apple’s system can delay screen event, until the user’s eyes to see.

In some cases, the equipment use camera to detect user eyeball. Apple also points out that the eye detection can also be used for other events, such as notifications banners, pop-up window and the screen dimmed. Although can’t replace the touchscreen gestures, eye detection technology can help users easy navigation is responsible for the user interface.

In the future the patent will be when we’re not sure, but apple has to add the line of sight for iOS and Mac equipment tracking function is full of interest. Even some of the UI design is updated in order to join the pixel level control.

It is understood that the patent apple first proposed in 2012, patented invention for Imran Chaudhri and StephenO Lemay.

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