Apple patents will not necessarily into future products, but it is the people “imagine” apple an interesting way of future products. Apple was awarded a today “with the protection cover of flexible display accessories” patent, it describes a futuristic the protection cover, display “around the” folding panels.

Display screen can display all kinds of notice or reminder information, in the tablet broadcast movie screen can be used to display the media playback controls. Apple patent application materials, according to the protection cover adopt AMOLED display very well, because of the AMOLED display low energy consumption, can extend battery life. Another picture shows that protective cover can be used as a kind of Wacom sketchpad. In view of the fact that the Apple the precision of the Pencil and the recently released the screen technology, it seems a bit redundant, but it is a good idea after all.

Obviously, the user needs to provide such protection cover electricity. Apple two possible power, a picture show it with the class the Pro Smart Connector interface is linked together, protection cover embedded small capacity battery, therefore, even if the protective cover and the separation, the user can still see the contents of the display screen.

Another picture shows that protection cover with solar power. Apple products in such a design is not impossible.

Apple has applied for 2011 “with the protection cover of flexible display accessories” patent, it is unclear whether it will translate into commodities. However, patent some of the elements, such as Smart Connector and stylus has appeared in apple products. Maybe one day in the future apple will replace the current Smart keyboard products.

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