Recently, suspected apple iPhone headset connector photos and video was exposed on the network. The accessories is from foxconn factory in Vietnam, its one end is from the interface, and the other is 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Can be seen from the diagram above, running iOS 9 of the mini, when the adapter is inserted, display accessories warned not to be supported. But according to the pictures and video of the Vietnamese media exposure said, running iOS 10 beta iPhone does not show this warning.

In addition, we also can see the accessories from joint volume significantly greater than the existing 20 at the end of the cable, the specific reasons it is not clear, but may be because of the addition of additional electronic components.

At present, from cable and related communication protocols are digital serial bus, all of the 8 pin can be used for signal transmission, use 20 interface existing audio equipment requires a digital to analog conversion chip.

It contains a communication from cable of chips, responsible for controlling the task execution of audio equipment together. But it is not clear how the parts of the space is used to accommodate digital to analog conversion chips, or whether there is a of upgrade chip can handle two tasks at the same time.

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