For designers and other professionals, as well as part of professional players, displays the importance of natural self-evident. According to foreign media reports, acer has also launched a high-end display Predator Z35. May see from the name, Predator Z35 is equipped with a surface of 35 inches wide screen, support for nvidia G – Sync screen display technology, and after overclocking can achieve high refresh rate of 200 hz.

Predator of Z35 itself quality also is very good, actually a resolution of 2560 x 1080, native contrast ratio of up to 3000:1, 300 CD/m2 brightness, and support 100% sRGB color gamut, which means that although the Predator Z35 is more like a game display, but for the designer or photographer for color demand higher group as well as applicable.

In addition to the excellent quality screen, Predator Z35 in terms of appearance also adopted a very futuristic design, at the bottom of the screen has atmosphere lamp, bracket can not only adjust the up and down, also supports – 5 to + 25 degrees Angle before and after the adjustment, can adapt to different situation. In addition, the Predator Z35 scaffold on the line and a hole, and are integrated in the screen support dolby DTS 9w speakers. Connectivity, Predator Z35 is equipped with the HDMI and DisplayPort 1.2 that are widely used in the interface and the USB 3.0 interface.

Now that is a flagship display, Predator Z35 price nature won’t be cheap, asustek’s suggested retail price of $1100, and will be on sale this month.

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