Dr. Fone is software that runs with all iOS devices. It helps you get back many kinds of files on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. No matter data are deleted or lost, you can simply recover them back by using this program.


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User reviews:

1. How stupid of me to leave my iPhone 4s when a kid’s playing and spilled his milk on it! Annoying! I downloaded the trial version of Dr.Fone. It looks very easy to utilize and it is a real big help. Thanks! I’m now ready to obtain full version for full recovery.

2. Many thanks for the great customer service! While the program (Dr. Fone) is still incompetent at recovering images and movies (please hurry on the update!) from my “New iPad,” I had been pretty pleased that your company refunded my entire purchase price as you said. So now, THAT’S what I call great support services! Many thanks, and good luck to the up-date. I’ll gladly re-purchase the product once that much needed capability is implemented.

3. I often save all of payments on the iphone to later enter in pc. As i was doing receipts for parents i noticed that particular note file was gone-vanished-deleted someway my heart dropped to my stomach i literally started cry. Appreciate “GOODNESS” for searching the net found this program and it saved my Behind!!! A million thanks and i will surely refer this program and purchase.

4. One of the best recovery programs out there! The option to make use of icloud is the best function. My suggestion for a future update would be to pick certain file types before you start out recovering therefore you don’t have to wait so long if you just want to retrieve certain things. Like in case I only needed to recover my contacts and notes, there needs to be a choice before starting restoring to pick certain files within the backup.

5. Had purchased it and then use to do a directly recover from iOS devices basically my old iphone 3GS. It works nicely and all that is removed is back. When will the straight retrieve from iOS devices like 4s and 5 be available? I need badly to do it to my 4s as the current version is unable to do a direct with my 4s.

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