Just online released HTC Desire 10 pro and Desire lifestyle two new handsets, well-known fact people @ evleaks exposes a display HTC’s forthcoming code-named “Ocean” new phones. From the video, this kind of mobile phone use no button design, at the same time also adopted a called the Sense of Touch technology, not only frame […]

According to foreign media reports, revealed a great god @ evleaks revealed that huawei is for Google generation of labor to build a brand new 7 inch tablet, this is probably the Nexus 7 successor. According to the news of his offer, which will be equipped with 4 gb of RAM, or running the latest […]

Want to reveal their own local tyrants electronically ecru? In addition to the Apple Watch Edition, you now have one more choice. Sony has unveiled a gilded version of the Walkman music player, priced at $3200. As Sony music player without a series of high-end models, the gilded version of the Walkman on its own […]