Ubergizmo website reported that Samsung in the past issued several “mini” version of its flagship smartphone, they basically use the same as the flagship model design language, such as the Galaxy S5, but USES the mid-range aircraft configuration. Many users have been waiting for Samsung to release the Galaxy S6 Mini, but Samsung has not […]

For designers and other professionals, as well as part of professional players, displays the importance of natural self-evident. According to foreign media reports, acer has also launched a high-end display Predator Z35. May see from the name, Predator Z35 is equipped with a surface of 35 inches wide screen, support for nvidia G – Sync […]

The annual CES exhibition will officially kick off next month. As the industry one of the most popular manufacturers, Samsung natural won’t miss this exhibition. Samsung has just released the CES conference invitation letter from the contents of view, they should have no plan to release new flagship now. It is reported that Samsung’s conference […]

D-Link has a habit of released in CES electronics show the new router, last year CES in January 2015, D – Link brings us three resembling a beetle, routers are AC5300 DIR-895L/R, AC3200 DIR-890L/R and C3100 DIR – 885L/R. PCWorld web site reported, D-Link is finally published in international consumer electronics show last year sold […]

Sony officials have signaled the CES exhibition on the specific time of next year, Sony conference will be on January 5, 2016, Las Vegas at 5 PM local time. Look from the preheating posters, released new products including VR headsets, cameras, smart phones and TV. Although we haven’t seen any leakage of Sony mobile phone, […]