In march of this year, Sony announced the first side in 64 eight core processor is three models – the Xperia M4 Aqua. Sony America today formally announced the machine in America market, bare machine on amazon sells for $200, although the international version only 8 gb of built-in storage, but the American version with […]

Recently, the new generation Samsung Galaxy A3 (SM – A310F) and the Galaxy A5 (SM – A5100) two new handsets has appeared the FCC website, and some basic configuration information was exposed. From the perspective of the information of exposure, the Galaxy A5 will be equipped with 2900 mah capacity battery, which compared with the […]

Had been rumoured Samsung GALAXY S7 released ahead of time, and now have a specific release date. SamMobie disclosure by according to the website of the news that Samsung will be officially launched in February 21, the GALAXY S7, and synchronous leaked posters show will still be in conference held in Barcelona, so this also […]

According to foreign media reports, the MIT media lab have developed a LineFORM shape-shifting robot prototypes. LineFORM is a snake-like robot, many shapes can be formed, at the same time have the flexibility and rigidity. The lab said it would open up the possibility of “display and interaction”. LineFORM in the demo video, can be […]

EmojiWorks today released a keyboard, besides has all the functions of the ordinary keyboard, also allows users to directly enter the emoticons. The Keyboard is called Emoji Keyboard the expression keyboard, each letter and number keys have emoticons can be input. To achieve emoticons fast input, only need to click on the expression of special […]

Now, to be on the safe side, most smartphones are configured with a password protection function. However, if lose the wrong password lock lock 45 years, you will want to use this feature? On October 25, have Chinese travelers will pick up a white iPhone 6 shipped to wenzhou road long-distance station staff. Staff found […]